Optimum Power and Environment is Now Fully Integrated With IIS Group, LLC

(Fort Washington, PA) IIS Group acquired Optimum Power and Environment in Deerfield Beach, Florida in August of 2010. The new location extended IIS Group’s geographical reach along the eastern seaboard and provided enhanced resources to clients in both locations. Optimum Power came on board with over 50 years of experience in the data center industry, adding field personnel and product expertise to the collective IIS Group knowledgebase. IIS Group is pleased to announce that we have now completed the integration of Optimum Power into the fold of IIS Group. To IIS Group clients, this means the same great service that Optimum Power has provided and invaluable product expertise IIS has come to be known for. For new customers: know when you are working with the IIS Group, you are working with experts with over a century of experience.

With the full integration of Optimum Power, we are also pleased to announce a single website. Look for event announcements and updates for both locations on a single site.